Dumpster Fire!

This week I was inspired by a call from a customer that asked for a very specific print. He said can you print a cookie cutter of a “Dumpster Fire”? I chuckled a bit and said I guess so. What do you mean dumpster fire? Do you have a picture or something? Low and behold he did. This call and customer really opened my eyes… There actually were cookie cutters made already of dumpster fires all over the place! Who knew! Well apparently he did and I am grateful to him for the business and the call. Little did he know that this caused me to realize that there is a market for this sort of thing.

The thoughts that went through my mind were interesting… I totally could have blown him off, thinking that this kind of business was small potatoes or something. But something inside told me said “Dude you need to do this one. You may not make a ton of money but you will enjoy the heck out of it!” I totally did. This simple print made my week and opened my eyes, to the even further, diversity of things that 3d printing can do. So, the moral of this story is that regardless of the job, big or small, you can be sure that 1Robomaker will help you on your journey… Dumpster Fires and all!